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>> two men are shot outside a party in pasadena. one died at the hospital. what police know so far about the incident. >> the ravens versus the cowboys turned into america's team versus america's most fortunate team. you will see why straight ahead. >> i am live outside the stadium with the excitement from the fans. details ahead. [captioning made possible by constellation energy group] " >> live, local, latebreaking
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-- this is wbal-tv 11 news at 6:00. >> the ravens got another narrow victory this afternoon over the dallas cowboys 31-29. despite the late surge by the cowboys, the ravens held on to extend to the winning record to 14. we have live coverage. sheldon dutes joins us with the and reaction. we begin with gerry sandusky who has the highlights. >> i did not think i would see anything closer than the marathon yesterday. we saw something this afternoon even crazier. the finish was wildly unpredictable in the 31-29 win for the ravens that sends them off to a 5-1 start the season. this was the action with the ball. he took the ball deep in the end zone and took off running untouched.
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the nfl recor time 108-yard kick gave the ravens the lead. the ravens are up eight. the touchdown reception. the cowboys went back for the two-point conversion to tie it. he was there but dropped the ball. the ravens still have the lead with 32 seconds left. the cowboys converted on the kick and set up a game-winning potential kick. white left from 51 yards. the ravens hang on to beat the cowboys 31-29. exhale and celebrate after the game. >> i told him stats do not win games. >> for the ravens fans, a huge weekend.
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they gave buck showalter a big round of applause before it started. sheldon dutes is outside the stadium. nothing baltimore fans needed more than another heart wrenching day. at least this one ends with smiles. >> a lot of people are very excited for the win to take them out of the slump from friday evening. the parking lots are clearing out. there are some die-hard post- game tailgaters with plenty of reason to celebrate. the parties continue well after the game and for good reason. the ravens walked away with the win over the dallas cowboys giving everyone reason to celebrate. >> it was close. i was getting worried at the end. >> the fans travel far and wide to be here for the home game. their efforts were worth it. >> new zealand, all the way to
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baltimore. they had to win today. >> you came all the way from the eastern shore? >> we come every game. how did you come up with the idea to get the purple bus? >> we were all coming up separately and decided to get a bus. >> the ravens are off to a good start. the fans are confident they will ride the wave for a while. >> it will continue through december. they will win the super bowl. ravens! >> i had a lot of fun with them and started dancing with them toward the end. we would love to see pictures of your purple pride. reporting live outside the stadium, sheldon dutes, wbal-tv 11 news.
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>> how great pictures. thank you. we will wrap up all of the nfl action following 11 news tonight. we did lockout with some great weather this weekend for the running festival and the game today. it was mild. you can see the clouds moving back into maryland and head of the next storm system. the rain showers are still across the western appalachians. this will be moving into march. we will detail that later in the forecast. 75 downtown as people are leaving the stadium. 72 at the airport. dropping into the 60's in the northern and western suburbs. tonight, increasing clouds into the 50's overnight. we do expect rain tomorrow. we will detail that when we come
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back. >> a deadly shooting overnight happened around 1:30 in pasadena. police say that is where they found 21-year-old matthew morrow and an unidentified man suffering from gunshot wounds. morrow died a short time later. the unidentified victim is being treated for injuries. police believe they were attending a house party when someone opened fire in front of the residence. the suspects fled in a dark vehicle. police believe the victims were targeted. a pedestrians struck and killed by police vehicle in south baltimore. it happened while officer was responding to a shooting on jack street. the emergency lights were activated when it collided with perez. we are told an investigation is ongoing. a memorial service is planned
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for five victims killed in a baltimore fire last week. she and her grandchildren died in the fire. they will be memorialized on thursday. her husband is in serious condition. today city firefighters reached out to residents as a reminder to install smoke detectors and check them routinely to make sure they work. authorities say anyone who does not have one should call 311 for a free one. the president and his opponent are preparing for the big debate. the senator known for switching political parties while in office by this weekend at the age of 82. details when we come back.
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it's heavy lifting. you start with a democratic senator named ben. by getting bwi-marshall funding for new runways, he's helping us serve 21 million passengers a year, which helps keep 100,000 jobs that depend on the airport, and that means more cargo for more businesses and more skycaps unloading more taxis... welcome to bwi. ...carrying families with more luggage. thanks. it's like he's out here with us. he's my friend, ben. i hope he's your friend, too. i'm ben cardin, and i approve this message.
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>> president obama and governor romney are behind closed doors getting ready for the queues debate. the president is in debate camp. president obama arriving in williamsburg, virginia, on saturday where he will sharpen his execution after a lackluster first debate with mitt romney. meanwhile, several miles away, the massachusetts governor rallied supporters. he said the president needs to deliver a stronger performance on tuesday. >> tell the story about his accomplishments and vision for the next four years. it is a winning strategy. >> campaign officials
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acknowledged they need to make adjustments but will not give specifics except to say mr. obama will continue to spar with john kerry and study materials. unlike his first debate camp in nevada which included a public rally, there are no public events on his schedule this time. >> by showing he is not on the campaign trail, he is doing prep and taking it seriously. he knows this is another defining moment in the race. >> a reinvigorated mitt romney was on the trail saturday campaigning in must win ohio where he tried to erode the president's lead by criticizing the china policy, an issue that resonates with the autoworkers in the state. >> the president has failed to, a currency manipulator. >> the obama campaign fired back calling his comments. politics. the gop nominee will spend the rest of the weekend in the boston area preparing for the
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town hall. he has been sparring with ohio senator robb portman who predicted their work will pay off. >> i was proud of paul ryan. i was proud of mitt romney last week. we will have another great debate next week. >> aides say mr. romney has already conducted practice town halls with swing state voters. >> our commitment 2012 coverage continues online. keep track of the candidates and who is leading the polls. you will find all of the details on the politics page. the longtime gop senator turned democrat died this weekend at his home in philadelphia from complications of non hodgkin's lymphoma. he was the chairman of the senate judiciary committee and played a key role in the confirmation hearings of bork and thomas. in april of 2009, he startled senators when he announced he
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was switching to the democratic party. the next year, he lost the democratic primary. ed rendell said he did more for the people of pennsylvania with a possible exception of ben franklin. he was 82 years old. the most recent study performed by the austrian daredevil known as fearless felix. >> he traveled at incredible speeds. our wind is picking up. 16 miles an hour around the airport. 15 miles downtown. that is ahead of the next cold front. a live look out at ocean city. the sun is setting in about 15 minutes. currently 72 at the airport and 75 downtown. 75 downtown.
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yeah. yeah.
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>> fearliss felix is the first person to travel faster than thsound. he traveled 24 miles, a record- breaking feat marking the world's first supersonic skydive. he took off in a pressurized capsule carried by helium balloon. he was expected to hit a speed of 690 miles per hour before activating his parachute about
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5,000 feet above the ground. >> your insta-weather plus forecast with eva marie. >> i watched it live on the internet. as he started to fall, he spiraled out of control but regained stability. you can watch it on our website, it was incredible. let's look at the weather. we're seeing increasing clouds after beautiful sunshine today. we had the sunshine yesterday as well. things are changing as a new storm system approaches. light rain showers are moving through west virginia. they're mainly west of the appalachians now. we are expecting most of them to fall apart tonight. the majority of the front will bring rain tomorrow. the cloud cover ahead of the cold front. the warm front stretching into canada. we have seen a big jump in our temperatures. we reached a high of 74. you really felt the warmth
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today. the wind is picking up ahead of the front. 16 at the airport. 15 miles down town. one of the higher one's right now has wind at 22 miles an hour. it will be breezy into tonight. temperatures have dropped about two degrees at the airport. 75 downtown. very mild for this time of year. the average temperature should be around 67. last week it was cold. we were not even getting to average. this weekend, we had temperatures above that. tonight we stay mild. breezy wind helps the temperatures and not fall so much. the clouds will keep temperatures warmer. we are expecting to drop into the 50's across the metro area. 60 downtown. the sun will be setting soon at 6:28. the forecast amara, rain showers are likely. most likely in the afternoon. -- the forecast tomorrow, rain showers are likely.
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most likely in the afternoon. the high temperatures will be mild again from 69 to 73 degrees. we will show the best chances of rain. in the morning, there will be scattered showers. it should not be a major concern for the morning commute. most of the rain should be coming in the afternoon. if you plan to travel across the rest of the state, here is the forecast. we expect temperatures in the 70's tomorrow across the bay then dipping into the 60's on tuesday. on monday, a chance of rain for ocean city. they are breezy and sunny on tuesday dropping to 66. 71 into monday. 66 on tuesday. rain showers are likely tomorrow into the afternoon. sunshine in the middle of the week. >> we will be back in a moment. >> i am pete gilbert. a dramatic finish. a dramatic finish. how joe
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as a pastor, my support for question 6 is rooted in my belief that the government should treat everyone equally. i would not want someone denying my rights based upon their religious views, therefore i should not deny others based upon mine. it's about fairness. this law does not force any church to perform a same sex marriage if it's against their beliefs. and that's what this is about. protecting religious freedom and protecting all marylanders equally under the law. join me in voting for question 6. an intense burning sensation i woke up with this horrible rash on my right side. like somebody had set it on fire. and the doctor said, cindie, you have shingles. he said, you had chickenpox when you were a little girl... i said, yes, i did.
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i don't think anybody ever thinks they're going to get shingles. but it happened to me. for more of the inside story, visit
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>> this is 11 sports. >> the ravens and cowboys. the numbers do not add up. the cowboys had 79 place this afternoon. the ravens had the ball for 49 plays. the ravens gained 1 yard in the third quarter. those numbers do not point to the outcome, a ravens wind, 31- 29, over the cowboys. >> last week, it was a 9-6 victory. is there anything more nfl than that?
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the move to 5-1. >> they are happy to do it. we will walk you through some of the highlights. they are as crazy fcc store -- -- they are as crazy as the score and statistics. the second week in a row they have given up more than 200 yards rushing. 22 yards for the touchdown on review. 7-3 cowboys had the lead. in the second quarter tied 10- 10. third straight game for no. 29. joe flacco and the offense went on 80-yard scoring drive to rapid the first half. a perfect strike ravens led 17- 10 at halftime. >> he was thinking --
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he tied the nfl record. he goes 108 yards for the touchdown. the ravens have the victory. tony romo late in the game. they go to the same play. he was open again. this time he dropped the ball. williams made the pass. the kick right down the middle. the cowboys recovered. a stunned crowd at m&t stadium got to watch this as bailey gets a crack from 51 yards. he missed it wide and left. there it goes. a wild ride at the end. joe flacco did not have a lot to do at the end of this and enjoyed his view. >> and these gains are crazy.
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both sides have really good players. -- these games are crazy. both sides have really good players. you have to prepare your best and perform. you have to take the play-by- play. there are so many different things that can happen. >> the victory gives the ravens even more cushion in first place in the north. bengals lost today against the browns. the tight end sense the tackle. the stiff arm to finish it. 7-0 cincinnati. whedon to watson. 27-17 cleveland. dalton had not thrown an interception all season. picked off by brown. back into the end zone. cleveland of said -- upset the
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bengals. the third loss of the season. >> now we go back to last night in baseball. derek jeter in the 12th inning, he goes down. he knew right away was bad. a broken ankle. it will take three months. that will be the rest of the postseason for the captain of the yankees. that leaves them in dire straits. they went on to lose game two 6- 4. 1-0 detroit right now. >> we will have more tonight following the 11:00 news after sunday night football. we will wrap it up as the ravens stand alone by two games and 5- 1 after a crazy w
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